Rush – Review

New WordPress Plugin Secures, Speeds Up and Makes On Site SEO Automatically



This new WordPress plugin SECURES your site, SPEEDS UP your WordPress loading times 300%, AND perfects your “ON-SITE SEO” AUTOMATICALLY as soon as you activate it!

How amazing is that? Just by activating the plugin 3 really boring but IMPORTANT JOBS are taken care of for you.

[Job #1] AUTOMATICALLY optimize all your on-site SEO (keywords, tags, titles, descriptions, etc) for HIGHER GOOGLE RANKINGS!

[Job #2] Speed up WordPress loading times for your site 300% (which your visitors will love, but Google loves fast loading sites too and will rank you too …. Loading times are an important part of the Google ranking algorithm)

[Job #3] SECURES your site against all hacking and malware attacks!

And the “RUSH” plugin takes care of all of them automatically in a SECOND. Literally, All you need to do is activate it!

Think about it… There’s a reason it’s called RUSH… because everything is done for you in a second.

Your site secured, speeded up and on-site SEO is taken care of.

Rush takes care of all the boring stuff so you can concentrate on making money from your site.


So you can offer 3 separate services on places like Fiverr, and get paid for all of them…

[Service #1 ] SEO

[Service #2 ] Speed up site

[Service #3 ] Security

And all you need to do to fulfill orders and get a brand new income stream for your business is install and activate a plugin on someone’s site!

You could undercut the competition massively for easy order and still make loads of sales because you don’t have to do any work! The plugin handles it all for you.


[BONUS #1] SEO Domination ($20)

More about SEO and how to dominate a particular niche. How to get the upper hand on the competition and what to do to stay ahead of them. It even looks into using an SEO firm to help you and press releases too.

[BONUS #2] Guide to PC Security ($20)

Keeping your own PC secure from all of the threats online is vital for any online marketer. You have to be aware of all the types of threats that may occur. Something may appear innocent and you may not think it’s a threat and before you know it you’ve lost everything.

[BONUS #3] Webbv App ($21.93)

This is the fastest way to create a mobile APP. It’s completely newbie friendly and you need no technical skills. Upload your site and it instantly turns into an app.

[BONUS #4] Link Supremacy ($97)

This is still a top-selling piece of software. Link Supremacy is the perfect mix to create traffic, rankings, authority, and page rank, all on autopilot.

[BONUS #5] FB VidMatic ($67)

FB Vidmatic is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that creates simple blog sites filled with videos from Facebook pages with just 1 click of your mouse. In just a couple of minutes, you can have a website filled with content ready to make your affiliate and CPA commissions on autopilot.

[BONUS #6] Kontrol Press ($16.93)

This is a top quality piece of security software to help protect your site against the best hackers in the business. This will keep you safe and give you complete peace of mind. This server never crashes and save you from all attacks.


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